Post Everlasting


Dana-Howard-Weekley Post 130

At the request of the deceased Post member's family Post 130 will conduct a Post Everlasting Ceremony. During the ceremony the lights are turned off or dimmed and the service is conducted.  The Post Commander or designated Post Officer will moderate the ceremony and read the name or names of the Post Members being transferred to the Post Everlasting.  A "tripod" of three Military Rifles, with a Helmet placed over the barrels, represents the Legionnaires service in the Armed Forces of The United States.  A Legion Cap is placed on the Tripod in recognition to their Service in The American Legion.  The "sacred fire" is used to transfer the deceased Legionnaires' Records from the Post to Post Everlasting.  The Post Adjutant then symbolically transmits each deceased records individually, by placing the deceased comrades Post Records in to the sacred fire, shortly after the transfer the Honor Guard will deliver a three volley salute and Taps is played to Honor the deceased members.

To request that you’re family member is listed, contact the Post Commander. 

List of Post 130 Deceased Members:

Joe Hackney: 2006 - US Air Force 

Stan Brown: 2008 US Army

Steve Williams: 2009 - US Navy

Stanley Leventhal: 2011 - US Army

Greg Sorenson: 2011- US Army

Lou McCall: 2012 - US Army

Robert Schall: 2012 - US Army

Charles Teasley: 2012 - US Army

Carl Baker: 2014 - US Army

John Schall: 2014 - US Marines

Norman “Norm” Gullicksen: 2017 - US NavyUS Navy



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